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Maintaining cost

    • Starting as low as $30/month. However, the exact cost depends largely on the size of the website. The number of items (if you sell products directly online), the size of storage space to store customers information (shipping addresses, order history, conversation dialogues…) or the number of tools the website has that need to be kept track off.
    • Why do you need maintaining service?
    • Here are the benefits of having Avatarso maintaining your website.
      • Avatarso makes sure the website always stays up to date with technology. If there are any changes, upgrades with the IOS, Android, or Windows systems that may mess up the website, we will make sure there is no interruption when it happens.
      • As your business grows, there will be things your website need to update such as prices, services details, graphics or even logos. Avatarso will take care of that task (3 times a month).
      • If your website contains a lot of information such as customer accounts (shipping orders, order history), Avatarso backs up those valuable information three times a day to minimize the amount of losing contents in case of catastrophic events.
      • Also, once a year, Avatarso will attempt to give your website a fresh look at absolutely NO COST to you. The new fresh look (changing graphics, layout) will give your customers the impression that your business is evolving, expanding and well-funded.